Welcome to the fresh, updated and energized KikiVale.com

I am so happy we found each other.

Previous visitors are used to viewing something different, a website which shared radio shows, guest interviews and blogs from two decades of interacting with the most interesting and exciting people on the planet. However, I've been Thunderstruck by the power of positive energy, and there is no turning back.
Time to switch up the program!
The Kiki Vale Show, my heart, is on hiatus for an evolutionary transition to GET KEFI- positive energy for life! What on earth does this mean?
It means, that for the time being, this website will now serve as a destination for positive energy via blogs and podcasts. Move over Martha Stewart Network, the Kefi Channel is on the horizon.
In the meantime, check out The Kefi Credo, a guideline containing beliefs and disciplines which I practice to the best of my ability, and when applied contribute to my success. These things I will blog about so we can Get Kefi together.





Good day !

Life continues to throw curve balls and I have to adapt by redirecting myself.

Pertaining to  my weight loss- health gain program, I […]

  • Lessons From My Running Sensei

Lessons From My Running Sensei

Back in the fall of 2010, I was in the mood, and searching for the most efficent way to get fit and achieve greater […]

Kefi Credo

Kiki’s Kefi Credo – 10 Promises To Yourself

#1: Be True To Yourself!
#2: Develop A Sound Mind In A Healthy Body!
#3: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself!
#4: Be Grateful!
#5: Be Prepared!
#6: Be Focused!
#7: Laugh!
#8: Live Balance!
#9: Live Life To The Fullest!
#10: Never, Never, Never Give Up!